Pargu’s Physical Education

In this instalment Pargu gets tired of being lazy and decides to show his friends how to be healthy. EXERCISE ENSUES.


New Pargu Cartoon!

New Cocky Pussy in the Works

It’s a work in progress right now and I’m not sure when it’ll be finished, but I’m working on a new instalment of Cocky Pussy and figured I’d share a little bit.


cp doll

Cocky Pussy looking all indignant and such

Here are a couple sketches of different poses for the character:


*snap snap*


He’s going to walk that way now





And here’s a video of some test footage. Right now I’m trying to work out a way of integrating the 2D drawings with CG 3D environments that both looks good and is fairly simple to put together. This is a video I made a few months ago where I basically just tried to replicate the beginning of the first cartoon except with beefed up visuals and I think it looks pretty good.

Right now I’m  working on a separate project that uses a similar technique, so if it ends up looking decent then I should be able to apply the same stuff to CP, which’ll be sweet.


New Music Video: Oh Sad Chicken Blind Out The Blond Thunder From Your Heart

I just finished a music video for a song by electronic musician Laberouk.

It’s a really cool song and it was a ton o’ fun making the video.

Here it is:

If you like the music check out Laberouk’s website here.

You Idiots, John Kasich Was A Hero.

So that’s it then. Following his big win in Indiana it looks like Trump will be the GOP nominee. The big news of the night was Ted Cruz dropping out, rightfully so, but conspicuously absent f…

Source: You Idiots, John Kasich Was A Hero.

I Found Some GIFs

I was going through old After Effects files and found bits and pieces of forgotten stuff.



In this one there were a ton of missing source files for the AE composition and I totally forget what it was supposed to look like, but I thought the distorted colour bars looked cool.


And then this one is actually a scrap of something I’m currently working on. Not sure exactly what it’ll be yet, but I’m getting the sense it will be colourful and involve several animals.

Rat Bat 2

Playing With Colour

For any drawn animations I’ve done in the past I’ve always been super lazy when it came time to do the colour, so I decided to get some practice with a couple old sketches I found.




Instead of just farting around with the fill tool I actually used layers and gradients and various blending modes, the goal being to have something more interesting than just flat colour against flat colour.


The original scan + beginning to add flats

The original scan + beginning to add flats

Flats complete + beginning to add depth to colour

Fun With A Gun

Fun With A Gun


And here’s a bird



Trippy Ostrich Sprite Foolaround

I found a sprite sheet for an ostrich and decided to muck about with it in After Effects.Genesis32XSCD - The Lion King - Ostrich.png

I’m sure I originally meant to use the ostrich for some project or another, but I did a bad job of making a clean animation loop, which is why the sprite seems to jump around all glitchy at the beginning. So instead I decided to just run with it and pile on layer after layer of ostriches and make it look all wacky. This is the end result.


The sprite is from the old Lion King game for Sega Genesis and the music is Jumpstyle by Angerfist.

The Farm: Pickle Harvest

It’s harvest time and Farmer Brown is hard at work when a strange visitor appears on The Farm…